Add Credit

Add credit to hya! to enjoy the most benefits. We offer a range of credit loading facilities including local retailers, online and via hya!

Once credit has been added you can then choose between calling via your prepaid credit or you can use your credit to buy a weekly or monthly UNLI call plan.

Local Retailers

hya! credit vouchers can be purchased at over 5,000 locations worldwide. Click here to find your nearest outlet

Find your local retailer


Credit vouchers can be bought online. Choose from $5, $10, $20 and $50. Login to purchase your credit voucher.

Coming soon

hya! app

You can also buy directly from hya! app. To do this, go to the main menu and click on ‘Account’

Already added credit? Buy a Call Plan

Now that you have added credit, you can either use your Prepaid credit to make calls or you can buy an UNLI Plan.

UNLI Weekly Plan:

The UNLI Weekly Plan offers you unlimited calls for 7 days to up to 5 Globe PH numbers – $5.99 for 7 days

UNLI Monthly Plan:

The UNLI Monthly Plan offers you unlimited calls for 1 calendar month to up to 5 Globe PH numbers – $17.99 for 1 calendar month

The UNLI call plans have been designed so that only Globe numbers can be called. If you have purchased an UNLI call plan and want to call a number that is not a Globe number, the call will be made from your remaining PAYG credit. To purchase either of the UNLI call plans, you will need to ensure you have credit on your account

Need more help? Get in touch with the hya! Support Team where we will be happy to help you.