Here you will find more information on how hya! works and what to do if you experience difficulties.

What is hya! ?

hya! is a calling app, in association with Globe Telecom, that allows two-way calling at great low rates and free messaging.

We developed this app to make it easier to communicate with loved ones back home.

hya! works by loading credit onto your app in order to make calls. Messaging is free. There are a number of different ways to purchase credit including via app, online, local distributors.

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What is different about hya! ?

hya! allows customers to call any number worldwide. With many other apps, you can only make calls when both parties are using the app. hya! is different and more flexible in this way.

hya! is also different in the way it allows customers to add credit and Wrist plays a very important role here as Wrist will be distributing hya! credit vouchers.

Call forwarding is also a feature offered by hya! and allows hya! users to forward calls to a local number. This is especially beneficial when users do not have a data connection, but still want to receive calls or voicemails.

Who can download hya! ?

Anyone that uses an Android or Apple smartphone can download hya! It will also work on tablets, but please note a phone number is needed to activate the service.

How can I download hya! ?

Just search for “hya!” on the Play Store (for Android devices) or App Store (for Apple devices)

Upon downloading, you will be asked to enter your phone number. You need to do this so that a verification code can be sent to you by SMS.

hya-phone_app-assets iphone_ios_app_setup-phone-number

Once downloaded, please be sure to accept all permissions so that you are getting an optimum service.

iphone_ios_app_permissions-microphone iphone_ios_app_notifications-permissions iphone_ios_app_hya-setup_allow-modal

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Who can I call using hya! ?

You can call any number wherever they are in the world using hya!

iphone_ios_app_call-screen iphone_ios_app_hya-contacts

You can also use the dialpad within hya! to dial a phone number.

PH users only: If you have purchased either of the UNLI Call Plans (weekly or monthly), you will only be able to call Globe numbers using these packages. To call all other numbers worldwide you will need to have prepaid credit.

Where can I find the call rates ?

Our rates are exceptionally low worldwide. Please click here for our most up to date rates.

How do I send a message ?

At the moment, the only way to send a message is if both parties have hya! downloaded onto their smartphone and a data connection.


How much does it cost to send a message ?

The hya! messaging service is free and must be sent from hya! to hya!

Where can hya! credit vouchers be purchased from?

Credit vouchers can be purchased from:

– Philippines

Over 9,000 outlets – coming soon

– Worldwide


– Within hya! app

Visit the ‘Account’ section

Credit vouchers are available in the following denominations online and via the app: $5, $10, ($15 hya! app only), $20


How do I load a hya! credit voucher ?

1. Go to the ‘°°°’ menu within the hya! app
2. Select ‘Account’
3. Select ‘Enter a Voucher code’,
4. Enter the 16 digit PIN & confirm

1. Go to the main menu within hya!
2. Select ‘Account’
3. Select ‘Enter a Voucher code’,
4. Enter the 16 digit PIN & confirm

Once you have added credit, you will be able to use the Prepaid service to call any number worldwide or you can purchase one of the UNLI Call Plans to call up to 5 Globe numbers. (PH only)

Click here to view our video on how to load credit vouchers

What is the difference between UNLI Call Plans and Prepaid Credit?

There are 2 credit types:
a) UNLI Call Plans (Weekly or Monthly)
b) Prepaid Credit Vouchers

a) UNLI Call Plans (Weekly or Monthly)


UNLI Weekly Call Plan: The UNLI Weekly Call Plan offers you unlimited calls for 7 days to up to 5 Globe PH numbers – $5.99 for 7 days

UNLI Monthly Call Plan: The UNLI Monthly Call Plan offers you unlimited calls for 1 calendar month to up to 5 Globe PH numbers – $17.99 for 30 days

The UNLI Call Plans have been designed so that only Globe numbers can be called. If you have purchased an UNLI Call Plan and want to call a number that is not a Globe number, the call will be made from your remaining Prepaid credit.

To purchase either of the UNLI Call Plans, customer will need to ensure they have credit on their account.

For example, if a customer wishes to purchase an UNLI Monthly Call Plan- $17.99, firstly they will need to load a $20 Credit Voucher. Once they have credit on their account, they may then purchase their Monthly UNLI Call Plan from the ‘Account’ section

b) Prepaid Credit Vouchers


These are available in $5, $10, $15 (app only), $20 denominations, depending on where customers are buying from.

With Prepaid credit, customers can call any number worldwide.

Customers can also purchase a local Globe Philippines number which will allow loved ones to call them wherever they are in the world and be charged the same as a local call. Visit the ‘Account’ section on hya! for more information.


For more information, why not watch our video here

Can I call other networks other than Globe in PH?

If you are using their prepaid credit, then you can call any number worldwide.

If you have purchased either of the UNLI Call Plans, then you can only use these plans to dial Globe Philippines numbers. If you want to call a non-Globe number whilst on an UNLI Call Plan, then the call will dial but you will be charged from your prepaid credit balance.

Why should I purchase a Globe number?

By purchasing a Globe number, loved ones can contact you on this number wherever you are in the world and only get charged for a local call.

How can I purchase a Globe number to use?

Globe numbers can be purchased within hya! app by visiting the ‘Account’ section.

How much does it cost to buy a Globe number? How long is this valid for?

Globe numbers cost $1.99 per month.

Do I need to be a Globe customer to download hya! ?

No, anyone can download hya! But please be aware that if you change your SIM at any point, you will need to re-install hya! so that it recognises the number being used.

For dual SIM phones, make sure the SIM you are using in chosen country is in the 3G/4G slot (usually SIM slot 1).

Do I have to be in Philippines to download hya! ?

hya! can be downloaded from anywhere. All that is required is a WiFi or data connection. Simply visit the App Store (for Apple phones) or Google Play (for Android phones) and search for ‘hya!’. Once found, click on ‘Install’ and follow the instructions.

Will hya! still work if I change my SIM Card or phone?

If hya! is re-installed at any point on any device using a different phone number, you will be creating a new account.

If you change SIM, but keep the same phone, hya! will still work and be available. It will just use the original number that was used to create the account. This won’t affect your services.

Who do I contact if I need to speak with someone?

If you’d like to speak to someone please either email or call us where one of our team will be happy to help.


From Philippines, dial 737 33 44 (calls are charged at local rates)

From outside Philippines, dial +63 2 737 33 44 (calls are charged at international rates to a landline number in Philippines)



Need more help? Get in touch with the hya! Support Team where we will be happy to help you.